Catholic University Hangs Painting That Apparently Presents George Floyd As Jesus

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

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The Catholic University of America has displayed a painting of George Floyd depicted as Jesus Christ at two locations on its campus, a Monday report showed.

The painting titled “Mama,” apparently in reference to Floyd’s pleas that can be heard in the footage of his death, shows the Virgin Mary holding the body of Christ. Kelly Latimore, the creator of the painting, has previously noted that his work portrayed both Floyd and Jesus, according to The Daily Signal.

The icon was exhibited at the university’s law school and its campus ministry office, The Daily Signal reported.

“There are many students, faculty, and staff who are concerned about this, but there is nothing we can do. And if we sound the alarm, we will be labeled racists,” a junior at the Catholic University of America told The Daily Signal on condition of anonymity, fearing potential retaliation.

“The common question that people asked was, ‘Is it George Floyd or Jesus?’ The fact they’re asking that question is part of the problem,” Latimore said in an April interview to The Christian Century. “My answer was yes.”

The university held a ceremony dedicated to the unveiling of “Mama” at the end of Catholic Law’s Black History Month in February 2021, according to a news release from the law school’s website. (RELATED: Teachers Union In Scotland Promotes Upcoming Play Presenting Jesus As Transgender)

“Following the violent death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, Latimore created this icon in June of that year,” the plaque accompanying the painting reads, The Daily Signal reported.

“The image is evocative of the Pietà—the Mother of Sorrows,” the description continues. “May Mary, the Mirror of Justice hear the cry of all who have known the sorrow of losing a loved one to violence and injustice. Amen.”