‘We All Know How The FBI Works’: Rittenhouse Says He’s Not Sure The Government Will Protect Him From Threats

(Screenshot/Fox News)

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Kyle Rittenhouse commented Monday on the threats he had received, expressing his doubts about the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) capability to protect him.

Rittenhouse, whom the jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, found not guilty of all five charges related to his August 2020 shooting of three men during a protest, gave an interview to Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, where he was asked if he felt the threats following his acquittal.

“I do. I see some of the threats. Some of the things people say is absolutely sickening,” Rittenhouse responded to the host’s question.

“Are you confident that the government will protect you from these threats?” Carlson asked. (RELATED: Judge In Rittenhouse Trial Says Someone Was Filming The Jury)

“I hope so, but we all know how the FBI works,” Rittenhouse replied, doing what appeared to be a somewhat nervous laugh.

Rittenhouse along with his entire family had to relocate to a “safe house” in February 2021, citing “numerous death threats” as the reason.

FBI reportedly possessed an HD version of a previously unseen aerial footage of Rittenhouse and the other participants involved in the shooting, which the federal agency never informed the Rittenhouse defense about.