Man Charged With Kidnapping And Rape Tries To Jump Through Sixth-Floor Window, Bounces Off Reinforced Glass

(Screenshot, Blue Ash Police Department Body Camera Footage)

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Police officers were in the middle of conducting a wellness check when the man they were questioning attempted to run by jumping out of a sixth-story window. The reinforced glass stopped his escape.

Authorities were dispatched Sunday to a Quality Inn in Blue Ash, Ohio, after receiving a call from the front desk requesting a wellness check on one of the guests, according to the Blue Ash Police Department. The front desk attendant told police that she saw a man and a female enter the hotel and the female looked unwell, the press release said.

The front desk attendant was able to discreetly ask the woman if she was okay, and she responded with body language, which indicated something was wrong, according to police.

During the 9-1-1 call, the front desk attendant stated that the woman appeared to be nervous and was shaking, WCPO 9 reported.

“I was short enough he couldn’t see me and I mouthed, ‘Do you need help,’ and she nodded and blinked her eyes,” according to the 9-1-1 audio recording reported by WCPO 9. “When they were walking away from the desk he was a little bit in front of her and she turned and shook her head yes. I just want to make sure she’s ok.”

When police arrived at the hotel, they proceeded to separate the male and female and began to question the male on why they were there, Fox News reported. But during questioning, he bolted towards the window. (RELATED: Police Charge Man Who Tossed 2-Month-Old Baby At Police Officers While Trying To Escape)

As seen in the police body camera footage, the man attempts to jump out of the window but fails when he ricochets off the reinforced glass.

Court documents obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer indicated that the male, identified as Onjre Damon George, 19, hit the woman multiple times and left bruises on her head and body. George stopped the victim from calling 9-1-1 on her cell phone, and even unplugged the hotel phone, the documents stated.

The woman reportedly claims George choked her until she was unconscious. When she was able to leave the hotel room, George stayed close by her, according to the documents. She tried to get the attention of other hotel guests before she finally caught the attention of the front desk clerk. (RELATED: Stranger Attempts To Kidnap Toddler, Stopped By Good Samaritans)

“We want to assure the public that this was not a random kidnapping,” said Blue Ash Police Chief Scott Noel. “The victim and suspect were known to each other.”

George is in custody and is being charged for assault, kidnapping and rape.