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PushAMZ Is Changing Lives With Cutting-Edge Strategies and Reliable Services

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Businesses around the world have experienced a revolution with the advent of digital media. While many businesses have permanently shifted their base to digital platforms, the internet has also opened endless gateways for new business opportunities. These online businesses quickly separate themselves from mainstream commerce, emerging as a more reliable investment channel with higher returns. E-commerce automation is one of them. With the rising number of e-commerce platforms and increasing demand for online shopping, e-commerce stores have recently become a lucrative business option for online investors.

Just like the benefits, e-commerce stores have their downsides too. Understanding the market trends and designing the right marketing strategy can be extremely challenging for a new entrepreneur. This is where e-commerce automation has stepped in. These e-commerce automation companies have a team of marketing experts who successfully manage hundreds of e-commerce stores for their clients, generating them a passive source of income every month. One such trusted leader in e-commerce automation is PushAMZ. The company that started from scratch has now grown to become an 8-figure business.

PushAMZ currently manages more than 120 Amazon stores for its clients. It has a team of 100 marketing experts, chosen from different corners of the world, who excel in this field of business. PushAMZ was co-founded by Luis Millan and Mac Ismail. These two seasoned entrepreneurs have years of experience in working for various agencies and international businesses. Luis is presently guiding the company as the COO, and Mac is supporting the operations as the chairman of the board. Jonathan Maxim is at the forefront of PushAMZ as the chief revenue officer handling the company’s marketing division. Apart from that, Stephanie Schuldt and Chase Alley are brand ambassadors to the company.

Since its inception, PushAMZ has been focused on generating a passive source of income for its investors. The co-founders have already executed more than 150 e-commerce campaigns so far, yielding 10 to 30 percent returns on investment to every investor every month. The duo believes that investing is a necessary step to achieve a financially secure future. Everyone should invest in a business they are confident about or an organization that is run by a reliable and confident team of experts.

PushAMZ has always valued professionalism, reliability, and accountability more than anything in business. The company doesn’t believe in age-old business philosophies that yield return only after retirement. To them, an investment must create a steady passive income source that will make it profitable and worthwhile in the long run.

This business philosophy was challenged during the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic. Amazon made a sea of changes that eventually led to the closing down of several e-commerce stores across the world. The team behind PushAMZ armed themselves with new business strategies to keep the company afloat even in this crisis. A 7-figure investment was made by the company, which has led to the opening of more profitable stores and introduced new operations, escalating the growth of the business.

Today, PushAMZ is a leader in Amazon and Walmart e-commerce automation. Going forward, the company is planning to expand its base of international customers. This will drive in more capital, leading to more revenue for the company and higher returns for all the investors.

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