‘He’s The Mad Hatter’ — Sen. Barrasso Calls Biden’s Spending ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Logic

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso slammed President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act as “Alice in Wonderland” logic and compared Biden to “the Mad Hatter.”

Barrasso appeared on Fox News Sunday and was asked about the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that passed the House with a 228-206 vote, as 13 Republicans and 6 Democrats voted for and against the bill respectively. The Wyoming Republican did not hold back, saying he views the Build Back Better Act as a back-breaking bill for the U.S. and more.

“Right now, I view this as a back-breaking bill for the country with the kind of expenses, the spending, the adding to the debt, the inflation, the taxes that are going to hit the American people,” Barrasso said.

“For Joe Biden to say ‘We have to spend even more money on top of inflation,’ to me this is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ logic. He’s the Mad Hatter out here,” Barrasso added. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Internal Memo From Republican Rep. Jim Banks Slams Biden’s Spending Plan As ‘Phase One Of The Green New Deal’)


“This is all about Democrat spending. This is 100 percent on them,” Barrasso continued. “If you get rid of all of the gimmicks of accounting, this bill that the Democrats are proposing is $4 trillion in additional spending. There’s not a single Republican who’s going to vote for the bill or to raise the debt ceiling. This is on the Democrats.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘A Republican Majority Isn’t Enough’ — Rep. Chip Roy To Release Ad Slamming 13 GOP Reps Who Voted For Biden’s Infrastructure Bill)

The social spending package, which has a top-line cost of $1.75 trillion, could add as much as $4.9 trillion to the national debt, according to an estimate from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has not yet provided an official score for the entire bill.