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Why Jonas Muthoni Believes Giving Back to the Community Should Be on Every Successful Person’s Agenda

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The importance of giving back is often understated, and sometimes, even those giving back don’t really know why they do it. Jonas Muthoni believes that the secret to living a fulfilling life lies in giving. Giving back is all about extending yourself to others and supporting them to better their lives. Finding your life’s meaning comes from what you give rather than what you receive.

Jonas Muthoni, through his extensive network and experience in various sectors, has made it his mission to give back to the community. The Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency, Tappie, SomeFuse, Sell.io and CareAsOne is often referred to by employees and colleagues as a fearless leader. He leads his team towards bettering the lives of those around them. And he believes that true leadership is exhibited by bringing people together for a shared cause.

“Contrary to popular belief, giving back to the community is not just about donating money,” says Jonas Muthoni who has served on the Breast Cancer Board for the past 4 years. “Donating your time and knowledge is just as crucial. Giving back is part of achieving a good life and making the world a better place for everyone. Moreover, giving back does not just benefit the community; it benefits you too.”

Talking about his reasons for giving back and why he believes every successful person should engage in it, Jonas Muthoni explains that it is about making an impact. “With more than seven billion people in the world, if each one of us does something small to affect a positive change, the world would be a much better place. Community service allows you to choose how you want to make a difference in people’s lives,” he says.

“Humanitarianism also strengthens the community and fosters togetherness,” explains Jonas Muthoni. “Joining hands for a common cause brings people together, building a strong community that is safer, friendlier, and healthier for all.” For those looking for opportunities to grow through giving back, Muthoni notes that you can also build and expand your network through this as you get to meet many others who share similar interests.

“There are numerous ways you can volunteer to help your community. What you need is the willingness, and the first step is all takes,” concludes Jonas Muthoni.

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