‘Something Sexual Happened Every Single Time’: Witness Breaks Down As She Recalls Epstein Massages

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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One of the four accusers in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial testified on Tuesday that she was only 14-years old when she was recruited into giving disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein a sexual massage in his Palm Beach home.

The woman, identified only by her first name Carolyn, recalled massaging Epstein 100 times and noted that “something sexual happened every single time,” the New York Post reported.

Now in her mid-30s, Carolyn said she was introduced to Epstein and Maxwell in 2002 by fellow accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre when the latter took her to the financier’s Palm Beach home “to go make money.” (RELATED: Ghislaine Topless, Creepy Massage Room: Never- Before- Seen Photos Offer Rare Look Inside Epstein’s Infamous Lairs)

After being greeted by Maxwell, she was led upstairs where both she and Giuffre massaged Epstein for 45 minutes before Epstein flipped over and began having sex with Giuffre.

Carolyn stated that she was paid $300 for that first massage and continued to go back for further sessions over the next four years. “I was young and $300 was a lot of money to make,” she said.

Maxwell, Carolyn said, would set up most of the appointments, according to the New York Times. In most sessions, Epstein would lie on his stomach while Carolyn gave him a massage, Carolyn said. At the end, he would roll over, touch her and masturbate, according to the witness.

Carolyn further stated that she was paid extra for bringing teenage friends over to take part in the massages.

She also testified that Maxwell saw her naked in the massage room three times, including once when she touched her breasts and complimented her body.

“I was fully nude and she came in and she felt my boobs and my hips and my buttocks and said that…I had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends,” Carolyn said as reported by Reuters.

Carolyn also stated that Maxwell asked her to travel to an island with Epstein, despite informing the socialite that she was merely 14. “I told her I was too young and there was no way in hell my mom was going to let me leave the country,” she said, adding that her mom was usually not strict about her behavior

During her years of abuse by Epstein, Carolyn said she used the money he gave her to buy drugs and alcohol —eventually becoming an addict.

She testified that she now has schizophrenia and takes a number of medications, including methadone for her opioid addiction.

If found guilty on all counts of child sex-trafficking charges, Maxwell faces up to 7o years in prison.