POLL: 71% Of Young Democrats Say They Wouldn’t Date Republicans, Nearly 40% Say No To Friend Zone


Chris Bertman Contributor
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College-level Democrats overwhelmingly dismiss dating partners that hold opposing political views when compared to college-level Republicans, a new poll by Axios-Generation Lab released on Tuesday showed.

The survey results show 71% of responding Democrats wouldn’t go on a date with someone who holds a different political opinion as opposed to 31% of responding Republicans, according to Axios(RELATED: POLL: Only 2% Of Hispanic Voters Identify As ‘Latinx,’ Many Find Term Offensive)

The study sampled 850 demographically representative college students from 2-year and 4-year schools between Nov. 18-22. The margin of error is +/- 3.4 points.

The results of the survey show 37% of college-level Democrats might not consider someone’s friendship if they held an opposing political view, compared to 5% of college-level Republicans.

Thirty percent of responding Democrats and 7% of responding Republicans said they wouldn’t work for someone who voted differently than they had. The results suggest a continuation of a growing divide in the U.S., Axios stated.

The survey also showed a divide between men and women in their choice of romantic partners. Sixty-seven percent of men said they would go on a date with someone who voted for the opposing candidate, compared to 41% of women. Seventy-six percent of women would work for someone who voted for a different candidate, compared to 86% of men. Sixty-eight percent of women would shop at and support a business of the other party, compared to 84% of men.