Isaiah McKenzie Tweets ‘Damn’ In Response To Sean McDermott Saying He Didn’t Trust Him To Field Kicks In Bad Weather

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Isaiah McKenzie doesn’t seem too happy with Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott.

The Bills lost to the Patriots 14-10 Monday night, and the game was played in some of the craziest weather conditions in recent NFL memory. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Going into the game, McDermott didn’t dress McKenzie and explained afterwards the decision was because he didn’t trust him enough to field kicks in the high winds and snow.

In response to McDermott’s comments, McKenzie simply tweeted, “Damn.”

This is a really bad look for everyone involved, but it’s especially a bad look for McKenzie. Appearing to air your frustrations on Twitter is not something a pro athlete should ever do.

There’s simply no excuse and it’s not acceptable. If you have a problem, you take it up with your coach behind closed doors.

You don’t respond “Damn” to a reporter’s tweet about your coach’s comment.


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At the same time, McDermott might want to choose his words a bit better. He seemingly fired some shots at McKenzie for no good reason.

The weather was atrocious. It’s unreasonable to think McKenzie needed to be back there fielding kicks, and if you didn’t trust him to do so, keep it behind closed doors.

The Bills need to get their house in order before the season starts to unravel because players chirping like this is a rough look.