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Sen. Roger Wicker Suggests Nuking Russia Over Ukraine


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Republican Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker said Tuesday that President Joe Biden shouldn’t rule out “nuclear action” against Russia over its military build-up along the Ukraine’s border.

Wicker, the second-highest ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, gave an interview Tuesday to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, during which he spoke of the need for “tougher” military measures in response to Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine.


The senator noted that there are already more than 200 U.S. National Guard troops on Ukrainian soil.

“I would not rule out military action,” he said. “I think we start making mistake when we take options off the table. I would hope the president keeps that option on the table.”

When asked to clarify what he meant by “military action,” Wicker recounted measures ranging from the American “ships in the Black Sea” to “first-use nuclear action.” (RELATED: Biden To Threaten Putin With ‘Significant And Severe Economic Harm’ If Russia Invades Ukraine)

“We don’t rule out first-use nuclear action, we don’t think it will happen but there are certain things in negotiations, if you are going to be tough, that you don’t take off the table,” the Mississippi senator added.

Additionally, Wicker praised his Democratic counterparts’ calls for more decisive steps towards containing the Russian military aggression, which may endanger “the free Europe.”

Following Biden’s Tuesday video call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which lasted just over two hours, the White House offered a readout on the administration’s plans to impose “a range of economic sanctions or economic options that could have a detrimental impact on the Russian economy.”