CNN’s Don Lemon Literally Sings Praises As Network Raves Over Slight Dip In Gas Prices


Taylor Giles Contributor
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CNN Host Don Lemon touted the small decrease in gas prices as a “big economic relief” during his Tuesday night show.

Lemon clapped and sang on-air over the slight decrease in gas prices to an average of $3.35 per gallon, according to a video on Twitter.

“A big economic relief for millions of Americans who have been dealing with soaring energy prices. Costs at the pump, finally easing up. The national average for a gallon of regular falling to $3.35. The lowest since October. Just look at that. Ahhhhh,” Lemon said on his show.

Shows across the network praised the recent dip in gas prices, characterizing it as “critical relief for household budgets” and “offering glimmers of hope for inflation-weary Americans,” Fox reported.

The network previously praised Biden for declining oil prices despite publishing a story Nov. 9 titled “Why Joe Biden can’t do much to ease gas prices.” The story blamed “OPEC and its allies, including Russia” for high gas prices and said “prices will stay high no matter what Biden does this week.” (RELATED: Biden Blames Russia, OPEC Nations For Skyrocketing Gas Prices)

Gas prices have been on the rise since OPEC and its allies announced a decrease in oil production in March. The Biden administration has claimed everything from denying gas prices were rising, blaming OPEC for the rise and accusing oil companies of artificially raising gas prices.

Inflation overall jumped 6.2% from October 2020 to October 2021. Nearly 80% of Americans claim inflation is affecting them, and 57% blame Biden for high prices.