Witness Claims She Saw Photo Of Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Nude And Pregnant’ At Epstein’s Mansion

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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An alleged sexual abuse victim who testified Tuesday at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial claimed she had seen a photo at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion that showed the defendant “nude and pregnant.”

The woman, identified only by her first name Carolyn, is one of the four accusers who have made their case against Maxwell in New York federal court.

Carolyn — who has claimed she was only 14-years old when she was first recruited to give Epstein a massage, and that “something sexual” happened at every subsequent meeting — was asked about a photograph reportedly showing Maxwell pregnant, according to Fox News.

Maxwell is not known to have ever had children, Fox News reported.

“One of your memories about Ms. Maxwell is you claim that you saw a photograph of her in Epstein’s house pregnant, correct?” Jeffrey Pagliuca, Maxwell’s defense attorney, asked the witness during cross-examination. (RELATED: Jeffrey Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell Pictured Lounging At Queen Elizabeth’s Estate)

“Nude and pregnant, laying on the …,” Carolyn began to respond, but was cut short by Pagliuca, who asked, “pregnant?”

“Yes. There were multiple pictures, nude photos,” the alleged victim reiterated.

The defense attorney then showed the witness a photo, which had not been presented to the jury, asking Carolyn to confirm if she was referring to that picture.

“That is not the photo,” the witness replied.

Jeffrey Epstein embraces Ghislaine Maxwell in newly released photos [SDNY]

Jeffrey Epstein embraces Ghislaine Maxwell in newly released photos [SDNY]

A number of photographs, in which Maxwell and Epstein are depicted together, have been shown at the trial as part of visual evidence establishing the intimate “partners in crime” relationship the alleged co-conspirators had.

One set of images showed Epstein embracing Maxwell by her belly, which spurred speculations among users online, who thought they corroborated Carolyn’s allegations.