Artist Scott LoBaido Unveils ‘Official Portrait’ Of Mayor Bill De Blasio That Features An ‘Ass’ And A Hole


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An artist unveiled Wednesday an “official portrait” of New York Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio featuring a donkey and a hole outside City Hall.

Scott LoBaido posted a video of the unveiling to his Twitter feed, saying, “I give you an official portrait of the 109th Mayor of New York City.” LoBaido then described the portrait, pointing out the “ass” and the “hole” featured on the canvas amid laughter and cheers from a crowd gathered for the event.


One member of the crowd remarked that LoBaido’s portrait was “excellent,” while another noted, “they ruined the perfect asshole when they put teeth in his mouth,” later adding, “total waste of human flesh.”

LoBaido, who is an outspoken critic of de Blasio on social media, previously created a banner of the New York mayor holding a bloody Lady Liberty’s head, hanging the banner over the Staten Island Expressway.

In a video he posted to his Instagram account Monday, LoBaido criticized de Blasio’s vaccine mandates for private-sector employees. (RELATED: De Blasio Warns Of ‘Very Tough’ Consequences For Unvaccinated NYC Employees)



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LoBaido said that anyone who voted for de Blasio and is now complaining about the mandates because they might lose their job “deserves what they get.” He also told de Blasio to go “fuck [himself] hard.”

In addition to his artwork calling out de Blasio, LoBaido has created a “Let’s Go Brandon” lawn piece critiquing President Joe Biden and an illuminated traveling art piece highlighting veteran suicide.