Dr. Seuss Enterprises Teams Up With Vacation Rental Company To Build Authentic Cave From The Grinch

Jack Kerley Contributor
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Vacation rental management company, Vacasa, and Dr. Seuss Enterprises teamed up to create a real world version of the Grinch’s cave from the 1957 classic, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!”

Although it is not Mount Crumpit, the cave’s recreation is a hard carved, 5,700 square foot lair located in Boulder, Utah, and is  has a music room, two bedrooms and a kitchen and more, Fox News reported Friday.

The cave was made available between Dec. 13 and 27 for just $19.57 a night, in a nod to the year of the release of the book in 1957, New York Post reported.

Vacasa said on their website that bookings were due to be opened on Dec. 3 but later updated their website to say, “stays were snatched up fast” and spots are no longer available.

The cave is decked out with Grinch themed amenities and furniture from his organ to his mirror and themed foods but, there’s a catch.

At the bottom of the Vacasa page there’s a few tips from the Grinch himself.

“I like to be alone. Very, very alone. So I chose a cave that’s intentionally a little hard for visitors to get to. Make sure you have a car that’s at least a crossover or larger for the trail leading up Mt. Crumpit. A Prius will definitely not work,” the Grinch said.

“I’m a simple Grinch: I read, I play chess, I plan how to ruin Christmas. In other words, I don’t pay for fancy internet or cable.”

Guests were also informed that they would need to bring their own food and drinks to last the stay as the location only supplies limited amounts.

There’s also a 3D tour option on the website that allows anyone to have a look around.