Gutfeld: ‘Idiot’ Bill De Blasio Is ‘Stoned Ninety Percent Of The Time’

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Sergie Daez Contributor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld called Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio an “idiot” who is “stoned ninety percent of the time” on a Monday broadcast of “The Five.”

De Blasio claimed Sunday on Fox News that New York City was “thriving” and “a much safer city than we were eight years ago.”

Gutfeld disagreed, and referred to the Mayor as an “idiot.”

“Obviously he’s stoned ninety percent of the time,” Gutfeld told the other hosts. “Because everybody here knows intimately somebody who’s been a victim of a crime, or has been a victim of a crime. It’s nothing like this. He’s talking about index crime, meaning that he lumps them all together so he lowers the average while murder skyrockets.”

Gutfeld said that by following that logic, de Blasio could claim that there were less muggings on his watch because the victim was killed by the mugger. 


“Personally, I would like more muggings with less murder,” Gutfeld said. “Right? Do you see that? Do you see the logic here? That the only reason why muggings are down is because they killed the person.” (RELATED: Doocy Presses Psaki On Crime Wave In Major Cities, Bail Reform)

Gutfeld also felt that the media had become desensitized to the violent crimes they were reporting about. 

“Everybody in the media is now reporting this stuff as mundane and as acceptable, almost making us all guilty,” he said. “We should be out on the street. It’s a shame that none of us protest, because, you know, we’ve got a good life, but this is worth protesting. It’s insane, we know people.”

Fox News host Dagen McDowell acknowledged that her friends told her daily of “somebody getting mugged, robbed, stabbed.”