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James William Awad Highlights 3 Important Qualities That All Successful People Must Cultivate

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It’s easy to covet success, especially in the age of social media, where the achievements of others are constantly filling up our news feeds. But yearning for success often only leads to jealously and feelings of inadequacy, according to successful musician and entrepreneur James William Awad. He believes that the key to reaching success lies in learning from the achievements of others rather than yearning for them. Performing under the stage name Senior, James William Awad has built a loyal and expansive following that circles the globe, with his debut album ‘I Feel Better Alone’ establishing him as an artist to bank on in 2021 and beyond. As an entrepreneur, he is currently radicalizing the world of decentralization and contributing to industry advancements with the work of his company 111. Here, James William Awad calls upon the lessons learned from his own achievements to share the three qualities that successful people need to possess.

A powerful mindset

“Every success and failure that you experience is defined by how you perceive it,” James William explains, “And your perception can be altered by adopting a mindset that allows you to see beyond the concepts of failure and success and instead see the potential; for growth and learning.” In support of this idea, James William advises adopting a growth mindset, which is a way of thinking that seeks to learn from every setback and remain open to developing new skills and abilities. “If you believe that learning has an age limit, then you are depriving yourself of new levels of success that are fully available to you.” He says.


Aggressive phrases like ‘kill or be killed’ have always dominated the conversation around reaching the top of your industry, but according to James William Awad, aggression and a bully-mentality have no place in the search for success. He says, “ When you allow yourself to understand the struggles of others and consider their point of view, you open yourself up to creating partnerships and connections that can help you to become a leader within your industry.”


If you want to reach success, then you must withstand every rejection and setback that the journey to reach it throws at you, according to James William Awad. “Resilience is an invaluable skill that everyone who has ever found true success has had to master.” he shares, “As important as empathy is for relating to others and finding success, fortifying yourself against the negative actions and beliefs of others is equally crucial.” To develop this critical skill, James William recommends learning to identify constructive criticism and ignore all other types of input so that the negativity of others won’t sink your confidence before you can achieve your goals.

James William Awad believes that every one of us can embody the qualities of a successful person if we remember to adjust our mindset, consider others, and refuse to ever give up.

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