‘SNL’ Alum Chris Kattan Warns Of Cancel Culture: ‘You Do Have To Be Careful’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“Saturday Night Live” alumnus Chris Kattan warned about cancel culture and admitted, as a comedian, “you do have to be careful” now.

“The reality is that right now, everyone has to be careful about what they say or do,” the 51-year-old comedian told Fox News in a piece published Tuesday.

“But [I’m] already careful… I naturally don’t swear,” he added. “I say things like ‘what the frick’ or ‘dang it’ and ‘darn it.’ I don’t know why, it’s just a strange habit. Even my mom was like, ‘You’re not swearing so much lately.’ I know it’s weird.” (RELATED: Katt Williams Shuts Down Idea Of ‘Cancel Culture,’ Says Comedians Worried About It Should Find New Gig)


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“If you want to do something funny, you can’t be outrageous anymore,” Kattan continued. “You do have to be careful, but I think family-friendly is the way to go right now. And that’s the kind of humor I like anyway. And that’s the humor I like doing.” (RELATED: ‘It’s No Different Than McCarthyism’: Jon Lovitz Torches ‘Cancel Culture’)

The “SNL” star joins other alums of the show, like David Spade Rob Schneider andthe late Norm Macdonald, who have talked about the current climate for comedians. (RELATED: ‘SNL’ Alum Rob Schneider: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Is Now Ruining The Joke)

“It’s very tricky,” Spade shared previously. “You used to have to say anything to go as far as you could, to push the envelope, to get attention, and people would be like, ‘I like this guy. He’s pushing it.’ And in comedy clubs, audiences really appreciate that … Now you say the one wrong move and you’re canceled.”