CNN’s Don Lemon Suggests Fox News Should Be Kicked Out Of White House Press

Photo: Screenshot/Twitter/@ggreenwald

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CNN anchor Don Lemon suggested Fox News shouldn’t be allowed to ask questions during White House press briefings Monday night.

Lemon, fellow CNN anchor Brian Stelter, and political commentator S.E. Cupp discussed text messages read during Monday night’s January 6 congressional committee meeting on “Don Lemon Tonight.”

“Why does Jen Psaki even continue to call on Fox in the briefing room?” said Lemon. “If your network is promoting B.S. and lies about what is actually happening in the country and helping to inspire and incite an insurrection, why should they even be able to take part in a legitimate press briefing and legitimate journalism?”

Cupp said that Fox’s “last real good [reporter] has left the building,” referencing anchor Chris Wallace’s announcement that he’ll be leaving the network after 18 years.

Stelter added that “historically,” when it comes to press briefings, the idea has been to “let in a variety of different voices and media outlets,” before noting that “Fox has changed dramatically” and “leans so far right, they don’t live in reality.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald responded to the CNN employees’ comments, arguing that CNN threw a “hissy fit” after then-White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials were revoked during the Trump administration’s time.

“They acted if [Acosta] was getting the Assange treatment,” Greenwald said. (RELATED: White House Suspends Jim Acosta Access Over Intern Incident)

The House is expected to vote Tuesday on whether Meadows should be held in contempt of Congress, following a measure advanced Monday by the January 6 committee, reported NBC News.