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Digital Nod Reveals Major Global Expansion Plans in Light of Staggering Growth

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2020 and 2021 have been disruptive years for the world, forcing everyone outside their comfort zones. These two years have brought in a lot of transformation and pushed everyone to grow bigger and better, from start-ups to global conglomerates and celebrities to professionals working in an individual capacity. Brands and businesses have learned how swift adaptation and bending with the curve can help them survive in challenging times. From merely having a social media presence and being in the news, both brands and business leaders are now considering a focused digital PR approach to bulk up their online presence. This has led to an upward trend in demand for digital PR services. Digital PR agency, Digital Nod, has announced its plans to expand its portfolio and team size to deliver the highest level of service to its global audience base.

“Our customer-focused and solution-oriented approach has helped us grow from strength to strength. Our global expansion will involve setting up new offices in key locations and expanding our team to include like-minded professionals from a global talent pool. Expansion for us, has been a nuanced, organic, and rewarding journey,” explained Karishhma Mago, the CEO of Digital Nod.

The agency, headquartered in Michigan, plans to add around eight new offerings focusing primarily on social media. With a current team of 50+ employees spread across the world; Digital Nod aims to hire several more team members by the end of 2022. “Most of the services we offer are rare to find and designed as per the changing market needs. Thus, we are investing a fair amount of time in finding experienced and skilled talent to assist our clients in building their personal brand and online presence, added Mago.

Digital Nod’s robust reputation is built on an impressive track record. With a 95% success rate within the market and thousands of clients, they have earned the trust that their growing clientele puts in them. Today, the agency has become a stalwart in the digital PR market.

Given what Digital Nod has accomplished since its inception, the agency’s 2022 expansion is sure to raise the bar even higher.