‘No One Has To Pay Your Damn Debt’: ‘The Five’ Panel Goes Ballistic Over The Squad’s Demand To Cancel Student Loan Debt

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Sergie Daez Contributor
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The panel on Fox News’ “The Five” criticized the Squad’s demand to cancel student loan debt Tuesday.

Democratic New York House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Michigan House Rep. Rashida Tlaib had detailed Dec. 2 on the House Floor that they were both still paying off massive student loan debts. Ocasio-Cortez had further stated that lawmakers had a “moral obligation” to cancel student loan debt.

Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib’s speeches infuriated the hosts of “The Five” during Tuesday’s broadcast, including Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, who said, “No one has to pay your damn debt.” (RELATED: Gutfeld: ‘Idiot’ Bill De Blasio Is ‘Stoned Ninety Percent Of The Time’)

“That’s on you,” Gutfeld continued. “It is not a moral obligation on anybody for the decisions that you make.” He then suggested that it would be more “egalitarian” to cancel car loan debt instead.

“That’s more for the working class than for these overeducated, over-caffeinated idiots,” he said.


“And by the way,” co-host Dagen McDowell added, “AOC is a testament of why you shouldn’t pay a lot of money for an education. She got a degree in economics and international studies … from Boston University. It costs about $300,000 right now full, if you pay everything to get a degree there. She got out with a degree in economics. Didn’t know how the damn unemployment rate was calculated. So that’s what you get for your three hundred grand that you pay at B.U.”

“AOC went to a school that’s $58,000 a year,” co-host Dana Perino noted. “She drives a Tesla. Look at her clothes. And she’s complaining about the student loan debt?”

Perino further observed that President Joe Biden would probably give in to the Squad’s demands to cancel student loan debts to prevent them from going against him.

Fox News host Jesse Watters compared negotiating with the Squad to negotiating in a hostage situation, since they were making so many demands.

“Notice how,” he continued, “AOC, though, she structures her argument this way: ‘I have debt, so we have to fix my debt problem.’ Oh, I’m convinced. Where do I cut the check AOC?”