EXCLUSIVE: Videos Show Migrants Crossing Into Arizona With No Border Patrol In Sight


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Daily Caller’s field reporter Jorge Ventura recorded footage Tuesday of a large group of South American migrants illegally crossing the border into Yuma, Arizona, while Border Patrol agents were nowhere in sight.

Migrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Guatemala and Colombia were seen walking freely after having crossed the border sector in Yuma, according to Ventura.

“Agents and law enforcement are extremely overwhelmed and undermanned, as they continue to deal with this border surge,” Ventura said, as he was filming the waves of incoming migrants.

Over the weekend, agents encountered aliens from over 30 different countries, Ventura was told. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Yvette Herrell Calls On House Oversight Chairwoman To Subpoena DHS Secretary Mayorkas)

Ventura said a group of Mexican migrants offered him a 9-year-old girl in exchange for his help in getting them into Yuma. After seeing Border Patrol arrive, the group retreated into Mexico.

Republican Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls declared a local emergency Thursday due to a 2,647% increase in the number of migrant encounters since Oct. 1.