Monmouth Poll Finds Republicans And Democrats ‘Worn Out’ By Lockdowns, Mandates

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Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A majority of Americans said they feel “worn out” by COVID-19 precautions and how they affect their daily lives, according to poll from Monmouth University released Wednesday. Nearly half of Americans said they feel “angry” with the lifestyle changes.

Sixty percent of Americans surveyed said they feel “worn out” by COVID lifestyle changes, and 45% said they feel “angry” about the changes. Nate Silver, the editor-in-chief of the analytics website FiveThirtyEight, pointed out that the “worn out” feeling was not specific to one political party. Sixty-four percent of Republicans and 63% of Democrats said they feel “worn out” by the lifestyle changes from COVID.

Silver pointed out that Republicans were more likely to say that they are “a lot” more tired of the lifestyle changes.

Residents in blue states were also more likely to say they are worn out from lockdowns and lifestyle changes. Thirty-nine percent of blue-state respondents said they are tired of the changes, while 33% of red-state residents said the same, according to the Monmouth poll. Forty-three percent of red-state residents say they are not tired of lifestyle changes and 36% of blue-state residents said the same.

President Joe Biden saw a dip in approval over his handling of the virus between November and December, especially among independents in states that he won in the 2020 election. In November, Biden had a 50% approval rating on his handling of COVID-19. In December, it dropped to 38%. The drop came as Biden announced new COVID-19 plans that include tighter rules for travel.

“Also noteworthy is that this decline has occurred mainly in states Biden won in 2020,” the poll’s analysis reads. (RELATED: POLL: Biden’s Approval Rating On Key Issues Sinks Even Lower)

Support for proof of vaccination also dipped among Americans between November and December. Only 46% of respondents said they support “requiring people to show proof of vaccination in order to go to work in office or setting where they are around other people.” This is a 5% drop from November.