Elementary School Jokingly Threatens To Suspend Students After Kids Co-Opt Older Generations’ Heroes

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A modern Orthodox elementary school got everyone’s attention recently when it jokingly threatened to suspend students after kids co-opted older generations’ heroes.

It started with this funny tweet showing a picture of a student from Yeshiva Har Torah school, that serves Long Island and Queens, wearing a T-shirt with colorful lips logos all over it. The lip print was very reminiscent of the ones used by the band Rolling Stones on all its merchandise. (RELATED: Jay Leno Takes Joking With Friends To New Level As He Hangs Off Front Of Plane In Mid-Air)

“We had to send this student home for not being able to name any Rolling Stones songs (YHT Dress Code, Sec. 6, Par. 3 – ‘students cannot wear band shirts unless they can name 3 of their songs’) and it was the first time a parent ever thanked us for punishing their child,” the tweet from the school reads.

Another tweet referenced the funny school dress code: “Students cannot wear clothing with the name of any musician or band unless the student can name at least three of their songs.” (RELATED: REPORT: Radio Icon Walks Off His Show While On-Air After Being Told To Quit Joking About Demi Lovato)

“The 8th grader who said ‘I thought Nirvana was a clothing brand,’ last week has been suspended indefinitely,” a third post from the school’s Twitter account reads.

There was also a follow-up post that had some fun about how the school is aware learning this information about a kid referring to Nirvana as a clothing brand could be “upsetting” to some people in the “Gen X community.”

The entire school’s Twitter page is honestly full of one gem after another that can be seen here. One of the best parts, in my opinion, is a portion of the message in the schools’ description on social media.

“Our Head of School isn’t on Twitter,” it reads. “He doesn’t need to know about this.”