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Ripul Mahajan Shares His insights on How Blockchain Will Make Life a Lot Easier in the Near Future

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There is no doubt that the digital revolution changed the world. Technology continues to grow in leaps in bounds, especially in areas that impact on a universal scale. One of these areas is the financial sector, particularly currency. There is a reason you have heard terms like blockchain and cryptocurrency, and Ripul Mahajan explains that reason.

Electronic currency has the capability of completely disrupting society in the best possible way. The top 1% will not have as strong of a grip since the power can be returned to the masses. The days of banks charging ridiculous and exuberant fees are numbered as cryptocurrency is in the metaverse rather than a financial institution.

Mahajan feels this will create greater balance and equality to our skewed society. Cryptocurrency is a new way not only to spend money, but to make money. Not to mention you don’t need the right pedigree or education to make a living in the crypto industry, you just need to find the right community groups and be willing to learn.

Keep in mind, banks can fail. We saw the impact of the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and even the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no need to hide your money under the mattress for fear of a bank collapse when you can have it in a digital wallet. It provides a greater sense of security and control, especially for those who have had experienced significant impacts from economic disruption.

For those who are tech savvy and/or digital nomads who make a living from anywhere in the world, cryptocurrency is a breath of fresh air. There is no need to worry about conversion rates, your card getting declines, or the stress of carrying (irreplaceable) cash. One of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrency, according to Mahajan, is that it is a universal form of payment.

The digital revolution continues, and one of the biggest areas of this phenomenon is electronic currency. Ripul Mahajan hopped on this fast-moving train early, and he foresees this train speeding up before it even thinks about slowing down.

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