Biden Admin Continues Dem Tradition Of Co-Opting Celebrities In Order To Produce Truly Cringe Policy Memes

[TikTok The Jonas Brothers]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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In an effort to increase vaccination rates nationwide, the Biden administration has once again enlisted the help of celebrities that have absolutely zero meaning to the target demographic of those who remain unvaccinated, once again highlighting the administrations ineptitude.

The cringeworthy 17-second TikTok video shows The Jonas Brothers in the White House reciting a viral TikTok that has spawned several “Bing Bong” and “Joe Byron” memes in recent days.

@jonasbrothersEYYYY YOOOO♬ original sound – Jonas Brothers

“Bing bong! Are you vaccinated?” the brothers joked.


“Who’s the president man, who’s the president?” Nick asked.

“Byron” Joe mimicked.

At the end of the clip, Kevin asks “did we get it?” to which a smiling Biden says “we got it!” (RELATED: Free Xboxes And Putting Fauci On TikTok: Psaki Shares Biden’s Plan To Get Kids Vaccinated)

But this isn’t the first time the Biden administration has relied on celebrities to boost vaccination efforts. The administration recruited teen pop star Olivia Rodrigo in July in an effort to promote vaccination rates amongst young people, despite the risk of death from COVID-19 being far lower for individuals under the age of 40.

Less than a month later the administration recruited TikTok comedian Benny Drama to create a series of TikToks in which he posed as a White House intern working for press secretary Jen Psaki and encouraged Americans to get vaccinated.

Surely if young, liberal audiences were holding out on the vaccines, then Rodrigo, The Jonas Brothers and Drama would’ve been a slightly-less than surefire way to convince them to get the vaccine. But the target audience is likely not paying attention.