‘That Is Just A PR Cover’: Megyn Kelly Says Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez In ‘Fake’ Relationship

(Photo credit: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: The Megyn Kelly Show)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Megyn Kelly talked about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s rekindled romance and told her listeners that it’s a “fake” relationship and “just PR cover.”

Kelly was talking to guest conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey about Affleck’s recent appearance on the Sirius XM “The Howard Stern Show. Affleck appeared to blame his “alcoholism” on his ex-wife Jennifer Garner when the Lopez romance came up during the conversation. (The aforementioned segment from the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” starts at the 39:56 minute mark.)

The former Fox News host said she didn’t really care that he said nice things about Jennifer because he also said how he “felt trapped” in the marriage and that if they were still married “he’d still be on the bottle.”

“And he knows better,” the former NBC News host replied. “It’s not like he’s some rube when it comes to PR and what the press is gonna do,” Kelly continued, referencing Affleck’s allegations that his comments about Garner were taken out of context by the media. (RELATED: Ben Affleck Opens Up About How His Alcoholism Almost Ruined His Family)

“But those are the things that made the headlines, because she stood by him,” she added. “She got him into rehab. She’s the mother of his children. She’s an all-around sweetheart. You never see negative reports about Jennifer Garner. And there was the predictable backlash.” (RELATED: REPORT: Alex Rodriguez Is ‘Shocked’ That Jennifer Lopez Has ‘Moved On’ With Ben Affleck)

“You say this stuff about her [Garner], you’re obviously in a fake relationship with Jennifer Lopez,” Kelly continued. “That is just a PR cover for her disastrous breakup with A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez]. I’m telling you, that’s what’s going on here.”



Kelly noted how the “Justice League” star went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to try to fix things. She talked about Affleck reportedly saying that reading or hearing about the media reports “hurts his feelings” and slammed him for seeming to make it about himself “again.”

Stuckey pointed out that the “big travesty” in all this was that someday his kids will read about what he said.

Ben has recently been linked romantically with his former fiancée, Lopez. He was married to Garner from 2005-2018 and they share three kids together. He and Lopez were engaged in the early 2000s before reports surfaced that they were back together in April 2021.