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How Influential Business Coach Deniero Bartolini Is Taking Over the Industry

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Deniero Bartolini, or Deniero B as he is popularly known, is an Italian-Canadian entrepreneur based in Toronto. He is one of the successful faces in the coaching business and the founder of The Remote CEO. A gifted coach and mentor, Deniero is taking over the industry with his one-of-a-kind program that helps entrepreneurs scale any business remotely or pivot from ‘brick and mortar’ to a remote team. This includes coaching on mindset, PR, productivity, automation, and delegation, among other aspects of business.

Deniero specializes in offering one-on-one and group business mentorship programs that have so far impacted thousands of entrepreneurs, helping them find their success in different sectors. This is through teaching them how to establish a remote business that they can tailor to their own lifestyles. According to him, close to 99% of the working population have built their lives around their jobs. They settle on the city to live in, the size of their home, their dress code, and their passions based on the job they get.

However, this should never be the case; Deniero communicates the belief and mentality to his coaching clients that they can do it the other way around. They first map out their perfect lifestyle, and then he helps them work backward to create the exact business model that will allow them to live their dream lives. According to Deniero, there can only be two life outcomes: dreaming of the life you want or living the dream. You better be in the second state because dreaming of a different life is daily torture.

Deniero runs workshops and seminars for a lot of government-funded events in Canada and Ontario. This has gained him massive recognition as the best at what he does. Deniero has since established a podcast, The Remote CEO Show, where he interviews successful 7–9-figure entrepreneurs. These successful business people help his audience crack the code of building a successful business while working remotely.

An informative and transformative podcast, The Remote CEO Show, has received hundreds of thousands of downloads on the over 500 episodes made so far. Deniero is also becoming an influential personality on social media with over 56K followers on Instagram. The numbers are also significantly rising as he continues to share snippets from his podcast episodes.

Deniero is determined to scale to greater heights in the coaching and mentorship business. He just launched his one-of-a-kind Remote CEO Academy, an online learning platform where he is expanding his reach and impacting more people across the world. Deniero will also be releasing his first book that focuses on the remote working concept. His goal is to create a business incubator for digital nomads and other remote workers who want to grow their business in the digital space.

“I want to build a hub where people can run their businesses, learn new skills every day, and enjoy their free time with other entrepreneurs. I want to impact 10 million people and help them design their perfect business that supports their lifestyle,” says Deniero.

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