Johns Hopkins University Parodies ‘Elf’: ‘Spread Holiday Cheer, Not Misinformation About COVID-19’


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health parodied several popular Christmas movies with calls for masking, getting vaccinated, getting booster shots, and investing in public health programs, according to the school’s Instagram page.

One Instagram post parodied the movie “Elf,” starring Will Ferrell. The picture shows Ferrell masked in a classroom with other children. The caption of the photo reads, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by getting vaccinated plus a booster.” Another picture shows Ferrell smiling with the caption, “I love reading verified sources about omicron, reading verified sources about omicron is my favorite.”

The Instagram post’s official caption read, “Tis the season for verified sources. Spread holiday cheer, not misinformation about COVID-19!”

Another post parodied a scene from “Home Alone,” wherein character Kevin McAllister throws paint cans at characters Harry and Marv who are depicted to be variants of COVID-19. Marv is depicted to be “Omicron” and Harry is depicted to be “Delta.”

The video shows a paint can captioned “vaccine” hitting Harry and a second paint can captioned “booster” hitting Marv.

The public health school’s Instagram page also parodied a scene from the 1965 movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas” between Charlie Brown and Lucy.

“I know how you feel about all this Christmas business, getting depressed and all that. It happens to me every year. I never get what I really want. I always get a lot of stupid toys or a bicycle or clothes or something like that,” Lucy’s caption reads.

“What is it you want,” Charlie Brown asks.

“Sustainable investments in public health and the political will to implement evidence based programs,” Lucy’s caption reads.

Johns Hopkins University recently announced that all students, staff, and faculty members who plan to attend campus must get the COVID-19 booster by Feb. 1, according to the university’s website. (RELATED: Four Colleges Mandate Booster Shots For Faculty, Student Body)

The university joins a growing list of schools that are mandating the COVID-19 booster amid fears of the Omicron variant.

Johns Hopkins University did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.