REPORT: Pilot Screams ‘Oh Sh*t!’ Moments Before Plane Crashes, Killing All Onboard


Kevin Harness Contributor
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A pilot reportedly screamed “Oh shit!” moments before a small plane crashed into a California neighborhood Monday, killing everyone onboard.

The four unidentified victims onboard the private plane Learjet 35A reportedly perished in the crash in a neighborhood near El Cajon, taking down several powerlines, according to Times of San Diego. As the pilot attempted to land in rainy conditions, it appears that something goes wrong, and the pilot reportedly screamed, “Oh shit! Oh shit!” before the plane crashed. (RELATED: Plane Crashes, Killing Everyone On Board)

The plane reportedly flew out of John Wayne Airport around 6:56 p.m. and was originally headed for Gillespie Field. The crash was reported around 7:15 p.m. and the site of the crash was a few miles east of the flight’s destination, according to Times of San Diego.

An audio recording of a conversation between the pilot and an air traffic controller captured the moment before the plane crashed. The air traffic controller originally cleared the pilot to land on Runway 17, but the pilot requested to land on Runway 27 instead, the New York Post reported.

“IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) cancellation received. You can overfly the field, make left traffic, Runway 27 Right, Runway 27 Right, clear to land,” the controller said, according to the New York Post.

“Oh shit! Oh shit!” the pilot reportedly screamed before the plane crashed.

Debris from the crash reportedly took down multiple powerlines causing power outages in the communities of Lakeside, Bostonia, and Granite Hills.

“As you can see, the power line that is to our right here extends all the way down the roadway,” Lakeside Fire Protection District Chief Don Butz said, according to KSWB-TV. “The final impact, it appears two poles were taken out and wires were dropped to the ground, so that’s what shorted out the power.”

Residents in the El Cajon area reportedly heard the plane as it crashed near their homes.

“We were outside and basically, we heard the plane getting closer. Normally they get loud because we live right by the airport, but it got really, really loud and all of the sudden, we think it could’ve hit our power lines above our house, but we just saw bright blue and orange flashing lights and we heard the electricity running,” said Lauren Watling, according to KNSD.

The crash resulted in damage to one home, however no one on the ground was reported injured or killed, according to the outlet.