Joe Rogan Thinks Michelle Obama Could Beat Donald Trump In The 2024 Election If She Runs

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Joe Rogan said former First Lady Michelle Obama could beat former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election if she decides to run.

Rogan spoke with comedian Tim Dillon on his “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Dec. 24. The pair discussed a variety of topics, including COVID, vaccines and the 2024 election.


Rogan segued into the election by mentioning how the press is “trying to ice out” Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Michelle Obama and they’re gonna bring Harris,” said Rogan. “Michelle Obama and Harris. Harris comes back as the vice president, Michelle Obama’s the president. We get a double dose of diversity.”



“They’ll win,” Dillon responded. “And who’s on the Republican side, DeSantis?”

“Trump and DeSantis,” said Rogan. “They have to make a super team. It’s the only way they win.” (RELATED: More Independents Choose Trump Over Biden For 2024: Poll)

“I really believe if Michelle Obama runs, she wins,” Rogan continued, to which Dillon agreed. “She’s great. She’s intelligent, she’s articulate, she’s the wife of the best president that we have had in our lifetime in terms of being representative of intelligent, articulate people. She can win.”

Rogan noted the only thing he thinks that would stop the former first lady from winning in 2024 is if she supported COVID lockdowns and mandates.

There has been much talk of who is planning to run on the 2024 presidential ticket, with President Joe Biden saying he’s more likely to seek reelection if Trump runs on the Republican side. CNN also floated a list of 11 candidates who could replace Biden should he decide not to seek a second presidential term.

A Hill-HarrisX poll taken this past November had Harris and Obama as the top picks for the 2024 Democratic presidential bid if Biden doesn’t run, reported the New York Post.