Lyft Driver Shoots Carjacker And Driver Who Tried To Run Him Over, Police Say

Screenshot/YouTube/Fox 29 Philadelphia

Taylor Giles Contributor
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A Lyft driver in Philadelphia shot a suspect who attempted to carjack him and another person who tried to run him over Monday afternoon.

The driver was approached by the first suspect when he exited his vehicle after being rear-ended by the two suspects, according to police.

The first suspect shot at the victim’s 2011 Infiniti before driving off with the vehicle. The driver had a valid concealed carry permit and used his firearm to shoot at the suspect who took his car.

A second suspect driving the vehicle that rear-ended the driver attempted to run over the Lyft driver after the first suspect left the scene, reported Fox News. The driver also shot at him. (RELATED: Report: Philadelphia DA Brushed Off Crime Spike Hours After Mass Shooting)

Police later found both suspects with gunshot wounds to their torso. Both suspects were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The driver was not injured during the altercation.

“Both defendants were arrested, weapons were recovered, both vehicles and scene were held,” Philadelphia Police said in a statement to the Daily Caller.

Democratic Pennsylvania Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon was also carjacked Dec. 22 in Philadelphia. She was not hurt in the altercation.

Philadelphia had a record 523 homicides in 2021 as of Dec. 8. Homicides in the city increased by 13% compared to 2020 and almost double the number of homicides in 2016.