Pro-Life Coffee Company Plans To Save Babies One Cup At A Time

(Photo by Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images for illycaffè)

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A pro-life coffee company has committed to protecting unborn babies from abortion “with every sip.”

Seven Weeks Coffee, which was founded by Anton Krecic, is a “values-based business,” according to the company’s about page. A Christian, Krecic started Seven Weeks Coffee to bring “godly values to government” after getting involved in politics in Washington, D.C. The company is named Seven Weeks Coffee because an unborn baby is the size of a coffee bean at seven weeks development.

As noted on their website, the company sells pesticide-free, specialty coffee blends using direct trade practices, which ensure the farmers who grow the coffee are paid fairly. Any time someone purchases one of Seven Weeks’ medium, dark, or espresso roast blends, 10% of the sale is donated to help pregnancy care centers across the U.S.


The donations support the pregnancy care centers who help mothers choose life for their children. The donations, which are aimed at smaller pregnancy care centers with limited staff, ensure expectant mothers have access to prenatal care and ultrasounds.

“I believe life is the greatest gift God has given us,” Krecic told the Daily Caller. “He has a plan and purpose for each of us, and He loves every life no matter how small. If I can help protect even one life, I know I’m serving a greater purpose.”

In 2021, Seven Weeks Coffee made $14,400 in sales, donating $1,440 of their profits across three organizations: Mosaic Virginia, Cleveland Pregnancy Center and ICU Mobile Cuyahoga County.

“This wonderful gift will be used to provide no cost medical services, peer counseling, and material resources while we care for women and their families before, during, and after the birth of their child,” a representative for Mosaic Virginia told Daily Caller. “The entire team at Mosaic Virginia sends its gratitude to Seven Weeks for their gift, and their great coffee!”

“Their coffee is great but their why is even bolder! I heard about [Anton’s] why and I recommended ICU Mobile because I knew she was looking for a new ultrasound machine. I love the relationships we get to have in this community for life. Always looking out for one another in special ways,” a representative for Cleveland Pregnancy Center told the Daily Caller.

In describing his company and its, Krecic shared this call to action: “Will you allow your coffee to serve a greater purpose?”

The purpose, Krecic said, is “to protect life with every sip.”