LeBron James Tweets Broadcaster Should Be Fired For Remark About Kevin Porter Jr. Pulling ‘That Trigger’ Like His Dad

LeBron James (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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LeBron James wants an NBA broadcaster fired for a remark made Wednesday night.

During the game between the Wizards and Rockets, broadcaster Glenn Consor made a remark that has generated a ton of attention. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

After a play from Kevin Porter Jr., he said, “Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time.” Porter’s father pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the shooting of a teenage girl in 1993, according to The Spun.

Give the video a watch below.

In response to Consor’s remark, LeBron tweeted, “Oh he thought this was cool huh!!?? Nah we ain’t going for this! Sorry but this ain’t going to fly! How insensitive can you be to say something like this. Beat it man! I pray for you but there’s no place in our beautiful game for you!”

I think it’s very fair to say he’s calling for the man’s job.

Consor later clarified that he thought Kevin Porter Jr. was the son of former NBA player Kevin Porter. You can read his apology and statement below.

Is what Consor said, even though he claims it was a mistake, great? No, but are we now in a time where one remark can derail your entire career?

Is that where we want to be as a society? I certainly don’t want to live in a place that has zero room for mercy or grace.

Also, it’s pretty rich that LeBron James wants people pushed out of the NBA for saying stupid things. Is this not the man who ripped Kyle Rittenhouse and refuses to stand up to China?

Yeah, I’m not sure people who live in glass houses should be out here throwing stones.

Consor should obviously apologize, a very short suspension might even be justified but anything more than that seems like overkill.