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3 Car-Care Tips from Dairon Dip to Help You Take Better Care of Your Ride

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As our trusted accomplices in life, our cars do a lot more for us than we give them credit for. Without our wheels, we would indeed have a lot of trouble going through life. From regular commutes to the workplace to weekend getaways, cars come in handy all the time. But how much time and attention do we give our vehicles?

As the owner of four leading car dealerships, Dairon Dip knows just how important it is to take care of our cars to keep them in good shape for the long haul. After all, this good habit benefits us as much as our cars. Here are three practical, yet often overlooked, car-care tips from Dairon Dip to help you take better care of your rides.

Check the oil and filter.

“I know this is the most common tip you will hear from every car enthusiast,” says Dairon Dip, who continues, “I dole it out to everyone anyway. Why? Because this is indeed one of the essential aspects related to car care. Running regular checks on oil levels and changing the oil and filter increases the engine’s life and keeps it running smoothly for the longest possible.”

Rotate your tires.

“Essentially, your car tires are what keep you safe on the road,” says Dairon Dip. “Moreover, since tires are quite expensive, taking good care of them helps keep your budget stay on track.” Dairon, therefore, recommends maintaining proper air pressure and regularly rotating your car tires.

Check the fluids.

For most of us, the ultimate aim of every ride is to reach our destination safely and without trouble. Fluids—from brake and steering fluid to coolant and transmission fluid—play a critical role in the smooth working of a car. And Dairon Dip wholeheartedly agrees. “Top-up and change these essential fluids regularly, and your car will behave just the way you want,” he says.

Getting into the car dealership business early in life has helped Dairon Dip learn everything about cars. And while this has helped him expand his entrepreneurial streak to an impressive four dealerships now, it also means that Dairon has gathered a lot of handy knowledge about cars which he can share with others to help them make better decisions with regard to car purchases and car care.

Start implementing these tips today to take better care of your car. After all, when we take care of our ride, we know we can always depend on it. Moreover, it also helps us keep unnecessary expenses at bay.

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