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Seth Nizami: Success is Measured Beyond Social Status, Financial Success or Clout

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Seth Nizami is a serial entrepreneur who is determined to give back to others. Having a successful career in promotion and marketing, his latest venture is cryptocurrency. Turning pocket change into a fortune, he is now looking to share his secrets with others and help everyday Americans find a path to financial freedom.

Based in California, Seth, just like everyone else, made some major changes during the pandemic. He realized that although he was making good money with his marketing business, there was something missing. This realization led him down a path of self-Discovery. During this time he learned two things, first, self care. “I realized that my priorities were wrong.  We tend to

on social status, financial success or clout.” Constantly reading, he found that life should be more focused on love and communities, rather than money and wealth. The second thing he learned was cryptocurrency. “I was studying cryptocurrency a lot. And started to invest.” These investments began as forty dollars, but in four months, had turned into 7 figures! “I don’t think it’s an accident. When I started focusing on the right priorities in life, I also found huge success in my finances as well.” To Nizami, God and the universe will bless you when you start to set the right goals for your life.

Having made a fortune, Nizami had moved to the third lesson he learned during his journey. Giving back. “I believe there are three major steps in life: learn, earn, and give. I learned cryptocurrency, I earned it, and now I want to give.” When he is not trading or running his marketing company, he is teaching his trade secrets for FREE. His students will learn about accessing lesser known tokens before they are mainstream, how to balance risk, and the proper way to research new tokens. “There are over 11,000 tokens in the crypto world, my goal is to trade and teach others to trade with more of those than just the common few we normally hear about.”

If you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency, you should definitely follow Seth Nizami and jump on one of his free courses. Whether you are looking for some extra cash or would like to dive all in on crypto, Seth can help you reach your goals.


If you are interested in connecting with Seth, follow his on Instagram: @SethANizami

If you are an interested in learning more about crypto, click here: http://SethANizami.com: