EXCLUSIVE: Larry Hogan Supporters Launch New Ad Campaign Ahead Of Maryland Legislative Session

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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Supporters of Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan are launching a new ad campaign going into Maryland’s next legislative session.

In the ad first obtained by the Daily Caller, Hogan emphasizes his work on increasing police funding, drawing up fair congressional maps and cutting taxes. It also highlights that Hogan holds a 74% approval rating in Maryland, 20 points higher than President Joe Biden.

Democrats have attacked Hogan’s “refund the police” agenda as being racially biased as crime spikes in Baltimore, Maryland, but Hogan has an 80% approval rating among black voters, higher than among white voters. He proposed a $150 million plan in August to bolster the state’s law enforcement. (RELATED: Maryland Becomes First State To Repeal ‘Police Bill Of Rights’ After Overriding GOP Governor’s Veto)

On the redistricting front, Democrats are being sued for seeking to implement maps that experts have called “extreme” examples of gerrymandering. The legislature opted not to use maps proposed by Hogan’s independent redistricting commission.

Hogan will be term-limited out of office following the 2022 election cycle, and his future remains uncertain. Some have speculated he will run for president, but there’s a growing desire within the GOP to see him opt to run for Senate instead. Elaine Chao, former Transportation Secretary and wife of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, recently met with Hogan’s wife to pitch a 2022 Senate run against Chris Van Hollen.

One internal poll shows Hogan with a 12-point lead in that hypothetical race.