‘Don’t F**king Move’: Body Cam Shows NYPD Officer Wrestling With Suspected Carjacker

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter/@NYPDnews

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A police officer wrestled with a suspected carjacker and it was all captured in a video posted Thursday by the New York Police Department (NYPD).

The video was recorded by the officer’s body camera and showed the officer attempting to apprehend the suspect in a vehicle.

“Five-five and Broadway,” the officer says into his radio as the voice on the other end confirms the location. The officer then approaches a dark-colored vehicle and opens the door, saying “don’t fucking move” to the suspect.


The officer grabs the suspect’s wrist in an attempt to restrain him. The suspect attempts to break free, telling the officer to “get out.”

“You’re gonna kill somebody,” the officer responds.

The incident was also captured by a second NYPD officer’s body camera. (RELATED: Armed Teenager Tries To Carjack Man At Gunpoint. Driver Pulls Out His Own Gun, Retaliates)

“Eighty-five, five-six and Broadway” the second officer says into his radio. He approaches the vehicle and opens the door from the driver’s side to grab the suspect. The alleged carjacker starts to drive off, hitting another car, the video shows.

The officer runs after the fleeing vehicle as the footage ends.

The video, which the police department posted on one of its Twitter accounts, features a blurry photo of the suspect at the end and includes the tip line for NYPD Crime Stoppers.

The suspect allegedly stole an Audi SUV and was driving in the wrong direction, NBC New York reported. The suspect reportedly threatened the vehicle’s owner with stun gun and, after the incident with the police officers, disappeared in a subway station, according to the outlet.