EXCLUSIVE: Miracle On Ice Hero Jack O’Callahan Talks Potential Boycott Of The Olympics In China, Says Athletes Want To Compete

Jack O'Callahan (Credit: Daily Caller)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Jack O’Callahan had some interesting thoughts about a potential boycott of the Olympics in China.

I recently sat down with the legendary member of the 1980 Miracle on Ice team for a lengthy interview on a variety of topics, and he couldn’t have been more open and honest with his thoughts. When we discussed a potential boycott, he was skeptical it would accomplish much, and talked about how athletes just want to compete.

O’Callahan said the following in part when we touched on the topic of a potential boycott:

It’s tricky. I don’t really have an opinion. Me, personally, if I was an Olympic athlete prepared to go play in the Olympic games and I’m sitting here ready and going to China, I want to go play. The athletes want to go compete. It is what it is, right? They canceled the Russian games. I don’t know what that achieved, but would probably be the same thing here. I don’t know what it would achieve to cancel the Beijing games. I know the athletes want to go. They want to compete…One of the beauties of the Olympics is that you try to keep the politics out of it, even though it doesn’t always work out that way. Ideally, it’s supposed to be athletes competing against athletes representing their countries, not their politicians. It’s a tricky, tough question. I really don’t have an opinion. Fortunately, I’m not involved in it and I hope these athletes, they worked very hard, this is their big deal.

He also added that unlike hockey players, who can compete all over the place outside of the Olympics, the Olympic games are the only opportunity for some athletes and it would be a “tough decision” to take that away.

If you haven’t seen the entire interview with O’Callahan, I can’t recommend it enough. He’s a standup guy, and I was fascinated by his thoughts on everything he had to say.

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