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Mortgage Expert and Author Alec Hanson Shares His Story

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It’s not every day you find a job you love and get to positively impact lives. When Alec Hanson found a job that allowed him to help people achieve homeownership, build generation wealth, or just save money, he without a doubt knew he had found his passion. He says that from that moment on, he has never pictured himself pursuing anything unrelated to mortgage brokering.

Hanson is a mortgage expert, dynamic coach, podcast host, and author. He is the creative mind behind Modern Lending Podcast, where he gives live coaching on all things mortgage-related and how you can scale up your business as a mortgage broker. The senior vice president of loanDepot in the Pacific Southwest division, Hanson is also the creator of the Modern Lending Playbook.

Hanson’s journey in the industry started over 15 years ago when his dad got him his first job shipping loan files. However, his passion for the mortgage industry dates way back. Growing up watching his dad, who has been an incredible leader in the mortgage space for 40 years, Hanson came to love and learn about the market from a young age.

The action and experience working in his dad’s business fuelled his passion even further. He recalls that at the time, he was still in college when he approached his dad to help him get a job. Amazingly his dad gave him a part-time job in his company.

His exemplary selling skills helped him establish his spot early on, and he started climbing up the ladder. In 2004, Hanson was named Rookie of the Year by Scotsman’s Guide after successfully funding over $85M. From there on, Hanson landed on Scotsman’s Top 200 originator list every year, with each year breaking a new record.

While his career in direct origination was doing well, Hanson stepped back to pursue something greater: leadership. He says that was the beginning of a new part of his life. “Leading people is truly rewarding and incredible,” says Hanson. Not only is Hanson a great leader, but he is also using his leadership to enrich, support, motivate, and support others.

According to Hanson, leadership is not about you but rather how you impact those around you. Serving in loanDepot, he aims to help other people realize their dream ownership and help lenders learn the ropes.

His book, Bypassed: A Modern Guide for Local Mortgage Pros Left Behind by the Digital Customer, gives the reader an insight into the industry and acts as a modern guide for mortgage professionals. Considering the changes that have taken place in the industry, especially in the last two years, Hanson is helping mortgage professionals adapt to them and grow their ventures.

His advice is to be honest with yourself and be accountable and never give up. Nothing is impossible as long as you are determined and put in the work. Hanson adds, “You are never too old to live your dreams or set another goal; change is amazing, and everyone is capable of it at any time and any point in their lives.” From facing a lot of bullying in his school years and struggling with fear and rejection, Hanson chose not to let that be his story but rather write his own. Today, he is making a difference in people’s lives and helping people achieve their dreams.