Caitlyn Jenner: I Am ‘Stronger Than’ Former ‘Female Athlete’ After Transition, ‘It’s Just Not Fair’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Caitlyn Jenner said the NCAA basically “kicked the can down the road” when it comes to transgender athletes in women’s sports and admitted to being “stronger than the average former female athlete.”

“Basically the NCAA just kicked the can down the road … and it’s unfortunate,” Jenner explained Thursday during an appearance on Fox News’ “America Reports.” “I am out there to protect women’s sports. I mean, we had this issue in Connecticut with some high school athletes, transgender athletes that were just cleaning the clock of all the girls, and the girls missed out on some opportunities.” (RELATED: ‘Our Coach Just Really Likes Winning’: Teammate Of Trans Swimmer Speaks Out)

“I don’t know why the governing bodies of many of these different organizations are so intent on getting such a small number of people,” Jenner added. “I don’t know of any other transgender swimmers that’s out there. We are talking one person right now, and it is having such an effect on the entire sport. Why they’re bending over to the one person, you know, it’s the woke world gone wild. It doesn’t have to be that way.”


When asked if, after the “transition,” Jenner was still “stronger than the average former female athlete,” the retired Olympic gold medal athlete answered affirmatively. (RELATED: REPORT: Members Of Caitlyn Jenner’s Family ‘Embarrassed’ By Governor Run)

“Yes,” the retired athlete shared. “My body structure, the length of my arms, the size of my feet, the size of my hands. And [University of Pennsylvania swimmer] Lia Thomas’s case, I’m – I don’t care about her testosterone levels now for the last year or two. Honestly, I care about her testosterone levels for the first 16, 17 years of her life.” (RELATED: Joe Rogan Slams UPenn Decision Allowing Trans Swimmer To Crush Women)

The former California gubernatorial candidate said, “that’s what we are fighting against here.” Jenner noted that even though the former athlete has no more testosterone going through the star’s body, Jenner “can still hit the golf ball a long way,” and wouldn’t play “in the women’s tournament at” the club “because it wouldn’t be fair.

“I mean, I can outdrive all the girls by 100 yards,” Jenner added.  I can reach every par five in two, it’s just not fair. So, I would never play with, you know, in a tournament with the women.”

The NCAA announced Wednesday that it has changed its policy on transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. According to the new rules, the athletes will need to show testosterone levels within the approved range of their sport four weeks before championship selections.