Suspect In Brianna Kupfer Stabbing Allegedly Bit A Cop One Year Earlier: REPORT

(Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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The alleged murderer of Brianna Kupfer, a 24-year-old UCLA graduate student, on Jan. 13 in Los Angeles allegedly bit a cop the year before, Fox News reported.

Shawn Laval Smith, Kupfer’s alleged killer, purportedly bit a cop’s hand and drew blood, Fox News reported. Records state that on Jan. 20, 2021, officers had arrested Smith, 31, and placed him in the back of a cruiser after he allegedly vandalized someone’s car in Daly City, California, according to Fox News. (RELATED: Dad Who Lost Daughter In Stabbing Attack Speaks Out: ‘Crime Is Truly Spiking’)

“I tried to speak to him, but he was just yelling over my words and not listening,” wrote officer Jay Mulitauopele, according to the outlet. “Then Smith started yelling ‘I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!’”

He screamed this while kicking the cruiser’s rear left door, Fox News reported. Mulitauopele and two other officers  reportedly pulled Smith to the ground and tried putting him in a WRAP restraint device.

In the report, Mulitauopele reportedly wrote, “He moved his head quickly and bit my right index finger latching on with full force. I screamed in pain.”

The officer realized his finger was bleeding and had Smith’s teeth marks. As officers tried to calm Smith, he yelled profanities, Fox reported.

Records show the police had been responding to a call at Nation’s hamburger restaurant where Smith had jumped on the top of an employee’s car, denting the hood and causing about $4,000 in records, according to Fox News.

On Jan. 13, 2022, Smith allegedly stabbed Kupfer to death at Croft House, a furniture store on North La Brea Avenue. Kupfer was alone in the store and had texted her friend saying she felt uncomfortable by Smith’s presence.

“She sent a text to a friend letting her know that there was someone inside the location that was giving her a bad vibe,” LAPD Lt. John Radtke said, according to the outlet. “Regrettably, that person did not see the text immediately.”

Police shared the phone call from a man who recognized Smith sitting on a park bench Wednesday while a manhunt was occurring, Fox News reported.