PIGOTT: Biden’s (Not) Top Five Quotes A Year In

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Tommy Pigott Contributor
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Joe Biden’s press conference was a disastrous capper to a disastrous year. He flip-flopped, stepped in it and deflected blame on broken promise after broken promise.

It ended a year of complete failure. To mark Biden’s anniversary as president, the team at the Republican National Committee (RNC) is counting down five of his administration’s worst quotes from his time in office.

Here’s the (not) top five from team Biden:

Number Five: Kamala Harris absurdly said it’s “almost impossible” for rural Americans to photocopy their ID. Really? Almost impossible? Serious question, has she ever been to rural America?

Newsflash for Harris, 78% of Americans support voter ID.

Number Four: We all know Harris’ time as Biden’s “border czar” has been a complete failure. The only thing that’s worse? Her interviews.

She delayed going to the border for months, and when asked why, she bizarrely responded, “And I haven’t been to Europe. *laughing * I mean I don’t understand the point that you’re making.”

It’s been over 165 days since Harris’ last border event, so maybe she actually thinks she’s the “border czar” of Europe. 

Number Three: Biden had the biggest self-own of the year when he asked the American people, “did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?”

No Joe, and we have you to “thank.”

Number Two: On August 19, Biden promised, “if there are American citizens left [in Afghanistan], we’re going to stay until we get them all out.” He broke his promise and left hundreds of Americans behind. During his press conference, he shamefully told these Americans — and the families of the 13 U.S. servicemembers who were killed during his botched withdrawal — “I make no apologies for what I did.”

Number One: In December 2021, Biden told the nation’s governors “there is no federal solution [to COVID-19].” That’s quite the flip from someone who ran on a promise to “shut down the virus.” Instead of shutting it down, he delivered record casestesting shortages and the rationing of treatments.

Indeed, it’s been a disastrous year for the United States, but Biden’s defining legacy is not a quote. It’s the lasting image of him turning his back on the American people. Yesterday’s press conference was not enough. He has refused to take responsibility, refused to hold members of his team accountable, and is doubling down on the same failed policies.

By his own standard, he is unfit to be president.

Tommy Pigott is the Rapid Response Director for the RNC.