‘MILF And Wife-Next-Door’: Colorado Cop Becomes OnlyFans User, Retires With $30,000 After Co-Workers Find Out

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A former Colorado Sheriff’s Deputy has avoided an internal affairs investigation into her OnlyFans page after accepting a $30,000 separation agreement, ending her career after co-workers discovered her racy moonlight gig.

Former Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Melissa Williams, 48, had spent 28 years in law enforcement, with her past 11 at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, according to Fox 31. Williams said she did not think her OnlyFans page was violating any rules or that her office would find it inappropriate, according to Fox 31.

“I was a really good cop,” Williams reportedly said. “I was a really good cop and I was a really good leader … I never did because I was doing it off-duty and it was never anything criminal.”

Williams explained how co-workers and an office from another department found her OnlyFans page and filed a complaint in August, claiming Williams’ “poor judgment was a discredit to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office,” according to the report. (RELATED: Herschel Walker’s Campaign Manager Fires Back At Report That The Candidate Follows OnlyFans Users On Instagram)

Williams’ page reportedly showed her posing naked or partially naked and engaged in sex acts with her husband. Subscribers pay $10 a month, according to the report.

“A lot of the material my husband and I shared is stuff we’d taken in our private sex life over the years,” Williams said, according to the New York Post. “I was working up to 60-hour weeks, so mostly my husband ran the page and shared my pictures, and then sometimes we’d have fun dressing me up and taking photos especially to share.”

Williams, who reportedly described herself as a “MILF and wife-next-door” said “it was a fun way to relax and be creative together after a stressful week in a stressful job.”

The sheriff’s office eventually offered Williams a $30,000 separation agreement in November, which Williams said she took because she feared she would be fired if she didn’t, according to Fox 31.

“I did not leave out of shame and I did not leave out of embarrassment for the OnlyFans page,” Williams reportedly said. “I left because it was the right thing for myself and my family, and honestly, the OnlyFans piece was just one part of it.”

“I think some people viewed as what I did for fun, as being a sex worker, but I’m the same as someone else’s neighbor, their friend, mom, daughter. I’m still the same person I was for the 18 months the page existed and nobody knew,” Williams said, according to the report.

The Sheriff’s Office said in a statement obtained by Fox 31 that Williams “was not fired, nor was she forced to leave the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Ms. Williams’ allegations appear to be nothing more than an effort to manufacture a ‘newsworthy’ story to drive traffic to her website.”