Washington DC Requires Nude Strippers To Be Masked, Clubs Warned About ‘Staff Not Wearing Masks’

Strippers (Credit: Shutterstock/BlueSkyImage)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Washington D.C. strip clubs have allegedly been warned about employees not wearing masks.

The city recently published its latest data on businesses that have violated the mayor’s order on masks and vaccination requirements, and multiple strip clubs made appearances on the list.

Archibald’s, The Good Guys Restaurant and Camelot were all verbally warned for “Staff not wearing masks / Required signage not posted.”


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Seeing as how this scandal has seemingly rocked our nation’s capital, I had to find out whether or not the dancers are required to wear masks while losing the rest of their clothes.

After a quick phone call to one of the establishments, it was confirmed to me that the dancers are required by the city to wear masks, regardless of how much or how little of other clothing they have on.

At the time of publication, I have reached out to find out whether or not the dancers were the maskless employees, but I have not gotten a concrete answer to that question at this time.

One unnamed Washington D.C. hotshot did confirm to me that strippers are often seen maskless at local clubs while dancing and spending time with customers.

Furthermore, if you don’t see the absurdity of strippers having to wear masks while dancing naked, I really don’t know what to tell you! If they’re not wearing clothes, it’s kind of hard to understand why they need to wear masks. Then again, logic is kind of out the window in Washington D.C. these days.

I will make sure to update this piece as more information rolls in. Trust me when I say I will be monitoring all developments like a hawk!