SEN. MARCO RUBIO: The Upcoming Midterms Will Be A Choice Between Crazy And Normal

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Sen. Marco Rubio U.S. Senator (R-FL)
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We’ve barely entered 2022, and already we’re seeing just how stark the choice between crazy and normal will be in the November elections.

The CDC has become a laughing stock that huge portions of the country no longer trust. The Chicago Teachers Union is more interested in taking time off than educating children. And Joe Biden and Senate Democrats are more concerned with appeasing their radical woke base than addressing the host of problems facing American families.

My opponent, Val Demings, is proudly running to be the 51st vote in support of the Crazy Agenda. She supports Biden’s Build Back Socialist plan, which gives tax cuts to millionaires in blue states like California and New York while increasing taxes on Florida families. She approved amnesty for 6.5 million illegal immigrants and a pathway to citizenship for convicted gang members, but she opposed the border wall. And she wants to empower the IRS to spy on Floridians’ personal bank accounts.

Of course, none of this should come as a surprise. From the moment she arrived in Washington, Demings has been a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda, voting with her 100% of the time. In fact, it seems like palling around with Pelosi is about the only thing Demings does well in Washington. She has yet to pass a single meaningful piece of legislation, and her two bills that have actually become law were to rename post offices. The last thing Florida needs is a do-nothing Pelosi puppet representing us in the Senate.

While Demings’ campaign is all about appeasing Washington Democrats and the woke left, I am running for reelection to continue delivering results for Florida families and restore the American Dream.

I led the way in increasing the child tax credit to bring much-needed financial relief for working families. We brought accountability to the VA to ensure that our men and women in uniform get the care they need and deserve. We made important headway on Everglades restoration to eliminate invasive species and reduce Lake Okeechobee discharges to coastal communities.

And in 2020, I created the Paycheck Protection Program because we were on the verge of losing millions of small businesses when the federal government told them to shut down. Taxpaying small businesses are the backbone of our local communities, which is why I did everything I could to protect them and their employees from a global pandemic. Millions of Floridians’ jobs and businesses were saved by PPP funds.

Working to restore the American Dream at home has to be coupled with protecting our interests abroad. From my seat on the Intelligence and Foreign Relations committees, I’ve worked to hold Communist China accountable for their efforts to undermine our national security, steal our jobs and creep into every aspect of Americans’ lives. My work to protect the human rights of the Chinese people prompted the Chinese Communist Party to sanction me – twice – a distinction I wear as a badge of honor.

Just last month, my bill to prevent the importation of goods made with Uyghur slave labor was signed into law despite opposition from Washington Democrats and Big Businesses lobbying on behalf of their financial interests. While I was fighting to pass this bill, Demings claimed I was playing “political games.” The reality is, she has spent so little time actually legislating that she doesn’t know what passing a bill looks like when it’s happening.

Elections are always important, but the one we have ahead of us seems particularly so after a year of total Democratic control in Washington. I hope you’ll join me in rejecting the craziness that’s come to define the Democratic Party and electing conservatives like me who will chart a path forward to restore the American Dream.

Marco Rubio represents the state of Florida in the United States Senate.