EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Parents In LA Protested A School’s Decision To Segregate Unvaccinated Students

The Daily Caller

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Parents and activists in West Los Angeles gathered Jan. 24 to protest the New West Charter school after multiple videos went viral showing unvaccinated students corralled behind caution tape, separated from their peers.


New West students claimed they were threatened with suspension for not being vaccinated against COVID-19. Another video went viral that showed principal Sharon Wier telling parents that the administration will suspend unvaccinated students for “disrupting school activities.” (EXCLUSIVE: Unvaccinated California Students Say Vice Principal Corralled Them Behind Police Tape, School Threatened To Disenroll Them)

Daily Caller reporters Juan Mendoza and Jorge Ventura went to the location in order to talk with protesters and get an insight into the unfolding conflict between unvaccinated students and the school administration.


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