‘I Was Out Of My Mind’: Daniil Medvedev Berates Referee In Middle Of Match, Calls Out Opponent’s Father

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Joe Roberts Contributor
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Tennis player Daniil Medvedev said Friday that he lost his temper during his semi-finals match at the Australian Open.

During his second set against Stefanos Tsitsipas, Medvedev received a warning for allegedly making a vulgar gesture with his arm towards referee Jaume Campistol, according to the New York Post. The player then reportedly went into a tirade against Campistol in which he accused Tsitsipas’ father of a coaching violation.

“Oh my god, you are so bad, man. How can you be so bad in the semifinal of a Grand Slam. Look at me! I’m talking to you!” Medvedev can be heard saying on video.

“If you don’t [give him a warning], you are – how can I say it – a small cat,” Medvedev later added, according to the NY Post.

Despite his outburst, Medvedev was able to rally back from a second set loss to win the match and secure a spot in the finals against Rafael Nadal. (RELATED: Star Athlete Forced To Go Home After Being Held At Airport Over Vaccine Exemption)

Medvedev expressed regret over his comments after the match against Tsitsipas.

“You guys are laughing, so I think we can say it was funny,” he said, according to Yahoo! Sport. “But I was definitely out of my mind. I was not controlling myself anymore about anything.”

“I regret it all the time, because I don’t think it’s nice.” he added. “I know that every referee is trying to do their best.”

Medvedev will face Nadal on Sunday morning as the latter tries to win his 21 Grand Slam Championship.