CNN’s Griffin Fears Biden Looking To Boost Poll Numbers With Supreme Court Pledge, ‘Misreading The Tea Leaves’

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CNN’s Alyssa Farah Griffin appeared on “State of the Union” Sunday expressing concerns that President Joe Biden’s plan to nominate the first African American woman to the Supreme Court was based on the hope of boosting his slipping popularity among black voters.

“I think representation is always a good thing. So I think this is a good moment. I don’t really understand the strategy, though, of Joe Biden admit — saying in advance it’s going to be a black woman, because what it does is, it subjects this individual, who no doubtedly will be highly qualified, to being called somebody who was there because of affirmative action,” Griffin stated. (RELATED: Psaki Says Biden ‘Stands By’ His Promise To Nominate A Black Woman to Supreme Court)

“I think the bigger thing here is, Joe Biden’s struggling with African- American voters. And it’s surprising. Last year, in April, he had 83 percent support. Now he’s got about 64 percent. I think he’s hoping this is going to give him a bump. But I think he’s misreading the tea leaves. I think it’s much more; it’s economic policies that are resulting in this, not simply who he is nominating to the bench.”(RELATED: POLL: Majority Of Americans Say Biden Should ‘Consider All Possible’ Supreme Court Nominees)


Stephanie Cutter, former Obama Campaign Manager, disagreed with Griffin’s analysis.

“I think he’s making this decision to ensure that the Supreme Court represents the people that it is supposed to serve.” She called it a “shame” that people couldn’t see “the importance of the moment.” Cutter continued, “He’s not making this choice because of politics, he’s making this choice to ensure that the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, represents all Americans.”

CNN Commentator David Urban laughed at Cutter’s remarks stating, “Steph, did you say that without laughing? He didn’t — this is not a political pick? All Supreme Court picks are political picks.”

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Biden pledged that he would nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court, mirroring a similar action by President Ronald Reagan in 1981 with his nomination of Sandra Day O’ Connor, as reported by Insider.

A Reagan advisor said that nominating a woman would be a “good political move” and something that would “strengthen [Republican’s] base among women and probably among men also,” according to Insider.

“While I’ve been studying candidates’ backgrounds and writings, I’ve made no decision except one: the person I nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity – and that person will be the first Black woman ever nominated to the United States Supreme Court. It’s long overdue, in my view,” Biden said as reported by Reuters.