Bengals Star Joe Mixon Might Have Fumbled During Chiefs Overtime AFC Championship Game

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Bengals player Joe Mixon might have fumbled in overtime against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game in a video that has surfaced on social media.

“Was Joe Mixon touched by a Chiefs defender at the end of this play?” Dave Richards with CBS Sports. com tweeted to his hundreds of thousands of followers. “You make the call,” he added. His post included a video of a wide shot of the play in overtime after Cincinnati’s QB Joe Burrow handed the ball to Mixon and he ran. (RELATED: The Chiefs Beating The Raiders Gets Huge TV Ratings)


He also included a video from the End-Zone view that appeared to show Mixon going down but isn’t ever touched by a Chiefs player. At least, that’s the way it appeared.


As the video showed, it looked like the Bengals‘ player goes down by himself and then stood up and dropped the ball on the ground. It is then we see a Chiefs’ player run over and recover it. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

During the game, Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid called for a timeout. It was unclear why at the time. The sports announcers told viewers it was to review an illegal formation.

However, in the press conference after the game, the Kansas City coach said he wanted the officials to see if it was a fumble. The officials told him Mixon gave himself up so the play couldn’t be reviewed, the outlet noted.

It might be hard to tell what really did happen in the video. But for Chiefs’ fans, it will be hard to swallow that the booth couldn’t at least have reviewed the play to find out if the ball was Chiefs after a potential fumble or Bengals. Cincinnati headed up kicking a field goal in overtime to beat the Chiefs 27-24. The team is now headed to the Super Bowl to play against the Los Angeles Rams.