Billionaire Ronald Lauder Slams Whoopi Goldberg, Warns Of Anti-Semitism


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Billionaire Ronald Lauder cautioned against a “rising tide of Jew-hatred,” while excoriating Whoopi Goldberg and lambasting the Tennessee School District that removed Maus — an award-winning book about the Holocaust — from required reading, according to a report from the New York Post.

Maus is an illustrated depiction of author Art Spiegelman’s father’s experiences as a Holocaust survivor. McMinn County School Board voted to remove the book from the required reading curriculum for 8th graders over concerns about nudity, profanity, and sexual content in the book’s depictions. Despite numerous erroneous media reports, the book was not banned on campus premises; rather, the school board voted to remove and replace the book with a book possessing fewer obscenities. (RELATED: Corporate Media Misrepresents Tennessee School’s ‘Ban’ Of Holocaust Book)

“Both the McMinn County School Board and Ms. Goldberg should be ashamed of themselves for their complicit role in fostering Jew hatred, and I fully condemn their actions in the strongest possible terms,” Lauder proclaimed to The Post.

Goldberg was recently placed on a two-week suspension from ABC’s The View after backlash for her claim that the Holocaust was not about race during a discussion of McMinn’s Schoolboard’s removal of Maus. Goldberg later apologized via Twitter before appearing to reverse her apology on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The following day, Goldberg again apologized for her comments before ABC issued her suspension.